Time for an end to over a century of status quo.
For over a century those in charge of our nation have approached the problems of the nation in the same status quo, left vs. right, tax and spend manner and after all of that time, none of the problems have been solved.  Poverty still is abundant, employment problems grow, the debt grows exponentially and is over $18 trillion now.  The trade deficit shows no signs of turning around.  And economists still tell everyone that one standard theory or another is the correct one.
One quote that has many repeats and variations is that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results.  The status quo approach will NEVER get us out of debt as nothing within the status quo approach even comes close to addressing the root cause of the debt.  And solving that root cause would start dominoes falling such that every economically related problem will be resolved.  (See benefits)
Solving the national debt, as well as solving any major problem faced in this nation locally or nationally will require getting at the roots of the problem and eliminating the root cause.  And more than that it will require replacing the root cause of the problem with the element that will cause prosperity and thriving.
For the record:
  • Tax increases will not solve the debt, so we say lower them. 
  • Spending cuts will not solve the debt, so while we say prioritize spending better, we also say spend as necessary.  Governments are supposed to spend into circulation that which is necessary for a health economy anyway.  We also say much of what is done at the national spending level, could be done better at the local spending level with a higher velocity local supplementary currency flow.
  • Budget deficits are a symptom of a lack of sovereign currency, not of excessive government spending.
  • Debt ceiling debates should raise a red flag in everyone's head that says why is the US even $1 in debt, to who do we owe it, and why isn't the root cause being addressed.
  • The national debt could be stopped in its tracks in a year.
  • The national debt could be neutralized in a year using local efforts.
  • The national debt could be ended in under 5 years, buying back all outstanding bonds with the newly created and distributed sovereign currency.